About our Pawn Shop

We will be the FIRST  Pawn Shop in the Metaverse and WEB 2.0 where you can Pawn your NFT, our holders of Gold Collection will get 10% of the profit every month split in 1000 NFT and Silver Collection will receive 50% of the profits split in 10.000 NFT

Our plans will be to buy a minimum land of 1 x 1 /10 pieces in Decentraland and 1 x 1 /10 pieces Sandbox, plus 1 land in Infinity Void. We will develop each month and buy more land from profits to increase our holders income every month.




YOSEO PAWN SHOP GOLD COLLECTION has only 1000 unique NFT . Holders of YOSEO PAWN SHOP GOLD NFTs will gain, 10 % of PAWN SHOPS profits every month, holding 5 GOLD Collection and 5 Silver Collection grants you acces to the inner circle where we take decisions.

First Stage accomplished : Acquisition of pawn Shop land in Infinity Void – Nr: A2 -1118.

Profit allocation (100% breakdown)

60% Profit Allocation – NFT holders
10% – Gold Collection NFT holders (1,000 nfts)
50% – Regular Collection NFT holders (10,000 nfts)

40% Profit Allocation 
20% – Increase Lending Pool
10% – Marketing/Advertising/Exposure
10% – Devs

The allocation of the remaining 40% will be adjustable as our Lending Pool and profits grow so that less % (but more $) goes into marketing and a portion starts being allocated to future metaverse expansion and investments while more % might also be allocated to the increasing of the Lending Pool

Land Acquisition ( May)

Sold 100%

We will buy 10 lands 1 x 1 for Pawn Shops and Portals in Decentraland and 10 lands 1 x 1 for Pawn Shops and Portals in Sandbox.

We will start creating the first World Wide Web Internet Pawn Shop for the community.

Our team

Justin Musina


Development – Head Of Operations – Shopify Expert – E-commerce Specialist

Razvan Codinca

(YCP)denis the menace(Yoseo)

Marketing – Marketing Specialist – Shopify Expert – E-commerce Specialist – Discord : DENIS THE MENACE